You're up for renewal

Enter your card details to continue your access and get $10 cashback

You are up for renewal this month. To continue to use ClassCover Learn on the new platform, you'll need to enter your card details within 14 days of the first notice we sent you. 

As a special introductory offer to the new learning experience, we are offering all our members $10 cashback on this year's renewal 🎉

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to update my card details?

ClassCover Learn has moved to a new payment gateway and now operates on Stripe. As a result, we are unable to migrate your card details across to the new platform as we don't keep that on file.

If you wish to continue to access all of our teacher PD including RTCON TV and all the new content that is coming out this year, you will need to update your card details via your 'account' page in the new ClassCover Learn platform.

Why does it mention a trial period when I login to ClassCover Learn?

We have implemented the trial feature through Stripe that gives the option to allow you 14 days to update your card details before your subscription lapses and you lose access. 

How do I get the $10 cashback?

We will be automatically applying the discount to your renewal so you will be charged $10 less this year for your renewal 🎉 

What if I want to cancel my subscription this year?

We will be sad to see you go but of course we completely understand. If you would like to cancel your subscription this year, then you don't have to do anything as we don't have your card details for auto renewal. Your subscription will lapse after your renewal date.

You will miss out on all the awesome PD we are launching this year and you won't get access to a discounted ticket for this year's RTCON23, our virtual relief teacher conference. If you wish to sign up again later this year to access all of this, you can of course do this at any time.