How to Become a Successful Teacher For a Day

By popular demand, Kelly Quilter, experienced casual relief teacher and creator of Teacher For a Day, is bringing her in-depth knowledge of relief teaching to ClassCover Learn. Dive into this course for a dose of Kelly's trademark teaching tips and walk away prepared to confidently enter any classroom.
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    Casual teachers

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    3.4, 4.1

About this course

Ready to elevate your casual relief teaching game? Dive into this immersive course led by expert educator, Kelly Quilter. Transition from simply coping to expertly navigating your teaching day. Equip yourself with strategies for morning introductions, efficient planning, brain breaks, and rapid rapport-building. By the course's end, you'll confidently leave lasting impressions and embrace the joys of relief teaching, be ready to transform challenges into opportunities and make a meaningful impact in any classroom.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to conquer imposter syndrome
  • The best ways to develop routines and manage student behaviour
  • Gain new strategies to better plan your day in the classroom - plus a stack of new brain breaks and time fillers to use
  • How to leave better feedback for the classroom teacher, leading you to make a good impression and book more work

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Kelly Quilter

Experienced Teacher
Founder of Teacher For a Day

About the presenter

Kelly Quilter is the author and creator of Teacher for a Day, offering a myriad of resources for casual/supply teachers both in a primary and high school context. Kelly has almost 20 years’ experience working in Early Childhood and Primary Schools and has extensive experience as a casual teacher.

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