Intro to Relief Teaching for Graduates

In this course Mel Lichnovsky-Klock discusses how to increase your chances of getting relief teaching work and how to best prepare yourself for your first days in the classroom.
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    Beginning Teachers

  • 2 Hours

    Course Duration
  • Standards

    6.2 & 7.2

About this course

The vast majority of graduating teachers will start out searching for relief teaching work on their pathway to securing a permanent position.

Relief teaching should be enjoyable, challenging and is a flexible and less admin heavy way to commence your teaching career.

In this course you will learn ‘real world’ tips that will be invaluable in assisting you to secure your first days of work, put yourself in the frame for long term contracts and be the best, most employable teacher possible.

You will learn:

  • Prepare for your first days in the classroom
  • Increase your chances of getting relief teaching work
  • Make yourself as attractive as possible for long term appointments
Course Duration: 2 Hours

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:
 6.2 & 7.2

NESA: Teachers completing this course will not be at the maintenance level of accreditation that NESA provides. Those teachers at maintenance level with NESA are most welcome to complete the course and use it towards ‘Elective PD’

💜 Reviews 💜

“Easy to follow and very informative and helpful advice for relief teachers. Mel, the presenter has a lovely way of teaching and covering important points which I have found extremely useful as I go out and embark on my relief teaching journey with confidence! I also love the Support Booklet loaded with amazing information. Thank you so much!”
Teacher in WA
“Loads of really useful information about how to be a good relief teacher. A great reframing of the role and importance of relief teachers. And Mel was fantastic.” 
Teacher in NSW

Mel Lichnovsky-Klock

Expert Educator


Mel Lichnovsky-Klock is a primary school teacher based in Melbourne. She is an expert in all things casual teaching and offers a range of PD to beginning teachers entering casual relief teaching to those who have taken a long break and are looking to return. Mel is your go-to for ideas for your teacher toolkit and sound advice for anything casual relief teaching.