Numeracy Activities on the Interactive Whiteboard

Learn how to enhance your numeracy lessons with the IWB and improve your class engagement. Presented by Susan Burke this course will teach you new ways to deliver traditional numeracy content.
  NESA Accredited
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NESA accredited

Completing Numeracy Activities on the IWB will contribute 1 hour and 30 minutes of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum/EYLF addressing Standard Descriptor(s) 3.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining 

About this course

If you’ve been in education for any amount of time I’m sure you’re familiar with the term differentiation. Simply put, differentiation is the art of taking a teaching concept and adjusting to suit a variety of student needs.  It sounds simple enough, but quality differentiation is no easy task especially considering that every classroom is filled with students that possess a huge range of abilities across all areas of learning.Join Aaron Johnston from Mr J’s Learning Space as he takes you through a range of strategies to ensure the needs of all students are catered for every day, in every lesson.

You will learn:

  • Develop new strategies and ideas to enhance the teaching of numeracy skills, improving students’ mathematical fluency through using the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)
  • Learn innovative ways to create Maths activities on the IWB that can be differentiated according to student needs
  • Walk away confident that the IWB will be more than a simple screen but a highly effective and interactive learning tool for all students

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Susan Burke

Interactive Lessons Design Founder

About the presenter

I’m Susan. I’m also a mother of two and a primary school teacher with an interest in designing and creating interactive whiteboard lessons. 

I have seen first hand that students are thoroughly engaged by technology and I know that interactive whiteboards are a wonderful tool to increase student enjoyment of the learning process. I also know that teachers simply don’t have enough time to create high quality IWB lessons. My aim is to make teachers’ lives a little bit easier by providing easy, affordable access to high quality IWB lessons. My lessons are all linked to the Australian Curriculum and are based on sound pedagogical practice.