Preparing for Your Prac Placement

Join Josh Cauchi in this short course packed full of useful information to support university students on how to prepare for, and succeed in their practical placements in any school.
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About this course

Join Josh Cauchi in this short course for university students on how to prepare for, and succeed in a practical placement in any school.

This course, designed to be an easy guide for you as you venture into your first prac placement, is packed full of useful information aimed at building your confidence, knowing what is expected of you and how to stand out. Josh also covers a wealth of practical information that many before you have wished to have known before they started their first teacher practical placement. 

Additional content: Get free access to handy resources to help you on your way. 

You will learn:

  • Gain knowledge and understandings that will support you to prepare for your practical placement.
  • Learn what to do during a practical placement to demonstrate your suitability as a teacher.
  • Learn how to effectively conclude your practical placement and take your learnings with you.

💜 Reviews 💜

"Really useful tips for a beginning teacher. I feel confident and ready for my first day on prac. Thanks Josh for all your valuable advice!"
- Melissa Vanacker
Teacher in QLD
“Excellent course Josh! Thanks for teaching the things they should be teaching in Uni! I'm on my second prac but got heaps out of this course still!”
- Ian Grant
Teacher in NSW

Josh Cauchi

Teacher in NSW 


Josh Cauchi is a teacher in NSW. Outside of the classroom, he is passionate about educating other teachers about the accreditation process. Josh has produced a video series with a step-by-step guide for newer teachers. Visit to his YouTube channel