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Emerging Technology in Education

During this session Meridith will explore how emerging technologies are impacting on classrooms. She will discuss why these emerging technologies are important to understand and why teaching the mandatory curriculum for digital technologies in K-8 is such a crucial base for these subjects. 
The session will provide links to tools that can be used to learn more, create and explore Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

This 45 minute presentation featured at RTCON20
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Meridith Ebbs

Senior Educator - Grok Academy


Meridith Ebbs (B.Sc. Dip.Ed. MA) at the time of this presentation worked for the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Adelaide. She now works at Senior Educator at Grok Academy.Her background is varied. Meridith has experience teaching children and adults in the use of ICT capabilities and digital technologies.