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Future Focused Learning

Have you walked into a school that utilises future focused pedagogies and not quite sure where to begin?

This workshop aims to help you feel more confident when stepping into a future focused learning space. From flexible furniture to the latest technology we’ll go into detail about how this can look on a daily basis or how you can plan ahead when booked on long-term engagements. 

This 1 hour presentation featured at RTCON20
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  • Targeted to

    Relief Teachers

  • 1 Hour

    Course Duration
  • Standards

    1.5, 6.2, 7.4

Bec West

  • Foundation Deputy Principal, QLD Education
  • Top 10 finalist Global Teacher Prize 2021
  • Talkin' Chalk & Clever Pickles YouTube Channels


Bec West is a proud public educator, lifelong learner, and dedicated leader. In her 20 years of teaching, Bec has become a strong advocate for inclusive education, future focused learning and leading positive change.

In her position as an educational leader she focuses on fostering collaborative relationships and enhancing education by building the capacity of students, teachers and the community. She is dedicated to facilitating quality professional learning for educators and leaders at any point in their career and has recently become known for enhancing development of teachers through her YouTube channel, ‘Talkin’ Chalk’.

Bec was shortlisted for the Global Teacher Prize in 2021, as 1 of 10 educators across the world. Learn more