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How 50 Minutes of Maths Can Change a Life

Join Brent Hughes from Matific as he gives an thought provoking and insightful presentation on how maths can change a life. 

This 1 hour presentation featured at RTCON19
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RTCON, brought to you by ClassCover Learn, is Australia's only nationwide virtual relief teacher conference. 

These fun, engaging and popular events have been attended by thousands of relief teachers over the years.

RTCON is targeted specifically to relief teachers who until now, have never had a conference of their own. 

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Brent Hughes

Product Manager Matific


Brent Hughes, is an Education Expert and Product Manager for Matific. Education was highly regarded in his household growing up, both because of his mother’s career as a teacher but also because his father, a soldier, felt that his schooling experience was not taken advantage of. Therefore, as a family, schooling was always a high priority with Brent’s parents making huge sacrifices so that they could get the best education possible.

Additionally, he had some amazing high school maths teachers that helped show him how fantastic it was to go from knowing how to do something mathematically to understanding why something mathematical works in the way that it does. This helped to lead to Brent into his original teaching profession and then into his current role as Education Expert and Product Manager for Matific.