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Mastering the Art of Thinking 

This workshop will explore the role of metacognition in the classroom setting and examine why it is important to foster critical and creative thinking with our students.

Participants will also examine the key differences between critical and creative thinking, as well as unpack frameworks and pedagogical practices teachers can use to leverage metacognitive thinking processes in any classroom. 

This 1 hour presentation featured at RTCON20
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  • Targeted to

    Relief Teachers

  • 1 Hour

    Course Duration
  • Standards

    3.3, 6.2

Alice Vigors

Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction, Speaker and Published Author of the Thinking Classroom
Alice is also the founder of Thinking Pathways


Alice Vigors is an educator in New South Wales, Australia. She has been teaching for over 13 years in both the Public and Catholic school systems. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging educators to think deeply about their efforts to cultivate critical and creative thinking and learning opportunities for students.