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Rapid Rapport Building With Amy Green 

Building rapport and establishing relationships quickly is challenging as a relief teacher. You don’t have the same opportunity to spend days or weeks establishing a solid relationship with students, instead, you have to be able to do this almost instantly.

Join Amy to find out how to do this easily and effectively each and every time.   

This 1 hour presentation featured at RTCON20
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    Relief Teachers

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    4.1, 4.2, 4.3

Amy Green

Wellbeing and Culture Expert Schools and Organisations
Published author of Teacher Wellbeing

At the time of this presentation, Amy was Associate Director of Teacher Education at Real Schools and leads Real Schools Academy


Author Amy Green is a leader and expert in improving culture and wellbeing for schools, organisations and individuals. She is a published author, speaker, facilitator and coach with a background in teaching, leadership and positive psychology.