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You Had Me at Hello: How to Grab Their Attention and Keep It

Tim Heinecke is an experienced educator and behaviour management specialist who is also a published author.

Tim will take you through a fantastic framework of 7 strategies for grabbing students attention and keeping it. This is a must see for any casual relief teacher who is needing tips and ideas to make their classrooms run smoothly and to enhance learning.

This 1 hour presentation featured at RTCON19
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RTCON, brought to you by ClassCover Learn, is Australia's only nationwide virtual relief teacher conference. 

These fun, engaging and popular events have been attended by thousands of relief teachers over the years.

RTCON is targeted specifically to relief teachers who until now, have never had a conference of their own. 

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Tim Heinecke

Director - Student Engagement Institute


Tim Heinecke is a dad, educator and author. He has over 25 years experience in the classroom and now runs interesting and engaging professional development. 

Tim's main messages to teachers centers around engagement and wellbeing (for staff and students alike). You'll often hear him talking aboutthe power positive relationships play in building happy and healthy kids.