Supporting Students with Dyscalculia

This course gives educators a base understanding of Dyscalculia, its impact on learning across primary and high school, and the common challenges it presents. You will gain an understanding of the 'Big 3' strategy areas essential for classroom support and be better able to offer practical adjustments for both teaching and assessment, leaving you feeling confident and prepared to support your students with Dyscalculia effectively.

  NESA Accredited
  TQI Accredited
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NESA accredited

Completing Supporting Students with Dyscalculia will contribute 2 hours of NSW
Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of
Students/children with Disability addressing Standard Descriptor(s) 1.1.2 from the
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

TQI accredited

For teachers in the ACT, this course is accredited with TQI for 2 hours

About this course

Following the success of her earlier ClassCover Learn courses Supporting Students with Dyslexia and 'Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder', Tammy returns with her latest course on supporting students with Dyscalculia. 

By helping teachers everywhere better understand Dyscalculia and the impact it has on students, Tammy is continuing in her mission to support students to be safe, supported, and understood throughout their education. 

You will:

  • ​​​Enhance your understanding of dyscalculia and the challenges students with dyscalculia face in the classroom 
  • Develop effective teaching strategies to proactively support students with dyscalculia, allowing students to participate in their education on the same basis as other students
  • ​Learn what adjustments and accommodations are effective, and how they can be successfully implemented, to support students with dyscalculia in their academic learning and with their social and emotional wellbeing​ 

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Tammy McMillan

Special Education Teacher
Founder of Share Shape & Shine

About the presenter

Tammy McMillan is a Queensland-based special education teacher with a wealth of teaching experience in Australia and overseas.Tammy founded Share Shape and Shine in January 2022 with a mission to support as many students as possible to have a safe, understood, and supported education journey.With a range of courses and online resources available for teachers, schools, and soon, parents, the platform makes it easy to support students with additional needs. Learn more about Share Shape and Shine