Teach Music Now with Tom Benjamin

Presented by Tom Benjamin; in this course regardless of your musical capabilities or experience will give you the skills to teach and enjoy music in your classroom through a revolutionary new technique allowing you to teach music with confidence.
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    Relief Teacher

  • 2 Hours

    Course Duration
  • Standards

    2.6, 3.4

About this course

Do you not have a musical bone in your body? Do you envy teachers who saunter into their classroom, guitar slung over the shoulder and ready to entertain (and calm) children with an impromptu singalong?

If fast tracking your way to understanding, playing and teaching music is of interest, then you need to do this course.

Learn the fundamental basics quickly and easily as Tom Benjamin shows you that you do not need years of musical experience to play an instrument or teach basic music lessons.J

oin us to expand your teaching skill set and your enjoyment of music.

You will learn:

  • A revolutionary new technique allowing you to teach music with confidence
  • Popular songs and how to learn and play many more
  • How to engage your class and add a new skill to your teaching
Course Duration: 2 Hours

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:
 2.6, 3.4

NESA: Teach music now may be logged as 2 hours of NESA Elective PD. Suggested descriptors: 2.1.2, 2.2.2, 6.2.2, 7.4.2

💜 Reviews 💜

“Good age -appropriate ideas & content relevant to primary level music, which is what I was looking for. I liked how it focused on getting students playing by ear as many kids don’t have ability to do more. It provided great resources & clips to use as background music.  However, some music may be too complex for younger learners” 
– Michael P
Teacher in QLD
“It was great to learn the fundamental chord structures and finger positions which will make my music lessons just so much more enjoyable for my students – and for me.”
- Derrick (Ricky) W
Teacher in NSW

Dr Tom Benjamin

Director, Interactive Lessons


Dr Tom Benjamin received an Australian Innovation Patent for a revolutionary music learning approach that makes it easy for total beginners. The courses are presented at a level for someone who would like to teach someone else (or themselves) to play listenable music in minutes. There are no gadgets or special mental techniques. This is actually the traditional but sometimes forgotten 'play-by-ear' approach that pop musicians have followed for ages.