Understanding and Maintaining Your Wellbeing as a Teacher

Presented by Daniela Falecki this course will help you to monitor and constantly improve your wellbeing. Receive ideas on how to begin integrating wellbeing into your classroom and across other school programs.
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    Relief Teachers

  • 2 Hours

    Course Duration
  • Standards

    6.3 & 7.2

About this course

We all know teaching can be stressful, especially if you are a day to day casual teacher.  How can we be expected to empower and inspire young people when we ourselves are struggling with time, energy and expectations?

More and more research is showing that Positive Psychology can not only build student wellbeing but also teacher wellbeing.

In this program we explore some simple tools that you can begin using straight away using Seligmans PERMA Model and more.

Participants leave with a plan to manage their own wellbeing as well as ideas on how to begin integrating wellbeing in their classroom and across other school programs.

You will learn:

  • Monitor and constantly improve your wellbeing as a relief teacher
  • Recognise the signs that you are or are not looking after yourself
  • Look after your mind and body in a realistic and achievable way
Course Duration: 2 Hours

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:
 6.3 & 7.2

NESA: Understanding and maintaining your wellbeing as a teacher may be logged as 2 hours of NESA Elective PD. Suggested descriptors: 6.3.2, 7.2.2

💜 Reviews 💜

“I am always trying to keep healthy but I still need constant reminders to keep me on target and I felt this course was good for that.” 
- Tom P

“The whole course was very beneficial. Doing the strengths towards the end of the course was a great thing to do and also the positive psychology part.”
- Bec B
Teacher in QLD
“Great course! Lots of ideas, lots of positive reinforcement that we are not alone and that we all have issues we can overcome”
- Manda C

“The presenter was very good at explaining concepts. The videos gave great insight and reminders of things that we can change and focus on to improve our wellbeing.”
- Rashsmi K
Teacher in NSW

Daniela Falecki

Founder of Teacher Wellbeing


Daniela Falecki is founder and director of Teacher Wellbeing. She is known as the 'keep-it-real' teacher who specialises in positive psychology. Her passionate, practical approach makes her a sought-after speaker, sharing stories from her 20 years of experience in schools.