Antidote to Boring Lessons with Vikki Grant

Vikki Grant, 2014 Teacher of the Year, will help you bring an enhanced energy and engagement into your classroom. You will be able to connect with your classroom and maintain engagement.
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  • Targeted to

    Relief Teachers

  • 2 Hours

    Course Duration
  • Standards

    2.6, 3.4

About this course

Learn how to enhancing energy and engagement in your classroom with this punchy and definitely not boring 2 hour course.

Participants in this course will love Vikki’s energy and enthusiasm. By the end of the course, you will see how you can bring this to your classroom and bring about a positive impact on engagement, energy levels and behaviour.

You will learn:

  • Connect with your classroom and maintain engagement
  • Learn activities that energise and excite
  • Improve behaviour and improve teaching practice
Course Duration: 2 Hours

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:
 2.6 and 3.4

NESA: Antidote to Boring Lessons with Vikki Grant may be logged as 2 hours of NESA Elective PD. Suggested descriptors: 2.6.2, 3.4.2 

💜 Reviews 💜

“Good course. I appreciated the fact that she gave lots of specific lesson ideas and activity ideas that I could easily incorporate into my day, regardless of the age of the students.”
- Paloma C
Teacher in QLD
“Great range of ideas and resources provided by the participants as well as the presenter. Wonderful that so many are keen to share. Downloadable powerpoint also very useful.”
- Basia Z
Teacher in NSW

Vikki Grant

Director of Professional Development - Granted Education


I develop and facilitate workshops that focus on engagement, movement, and technology. I'm passionate about helping teachers develop strategies to implement, which in their design, minimise behavior management issues in the classroom.

As educators, it's our job to ignite the passion for learning, to help pique curiosities and encourage our students to explore new possibilities and just have a go!

Students appreciate it when we step outside of the mundane and in doing so, we exponentially increase their ability to be able to access the information. If we make it interesting, relevant and heaven forbid, fun, then learning easily follows.